About us



BIOTEK AAA has more than 30 years background of excellency implementing and conducting field trials on a global scale. In November 2019, the European division of BIOTEK Agriculture was acquired by ACCERES. At the same time a new independent company called BIOTEK AAA, acting as the holding company for all outside Europe BIOTEK Agriculture units was started by Gonzague Derly, the founder of BIOTEK Agriculture.

Biotek Agriculture is strategically located in Asia, Africa and America, offering a solid support for the development of your conventional crop protection products, mineral and organic fertilizers, biologicals (microbes and derivates) and seeds, operating within the major agricultural regions of our geographical network.



Providing the best solutions to our customers according to their product development needs by acting as a leading CRO worldwide, anticipating and adapting our know-how to the fast-changing world of agriculture.


BIOTEK AAA’s team is striving for excellence by providing robust and reliable data packages and experimental results according to our customers needs.

Good communication

Our continuous communication with our sponsors is ensuring  a fruitful work and successful experimental campaigns. Our commitment : our customer's entire satisfaction. Our target : be an extension of our sponsors’ own team.

Competitive pricing

BIOTEK AAA’s pricing policy is to be fully transparent and in line with the local, regional and international markets. Competitivity is the key to guarantee our business continuity.


Through the implementation of adequate and rigorous protocols and trial layouts, our goal is to support our sponsors’ product development targets while maintaining a continuous transparency at each field phase.

Environmental fate

Environmental preservation has always been one of our key goal when testing new actives. Developing sustainable product application methodologies and integrate them within farmer practices is one of the most interesting part of our experimental field work.

On time results

We know time is a determining factor in our customers product development process. On-time reporting is a must do action for our teams.


Making sure we fulfill all confidentiality requirements at all steps is our top priority. The trust of our sponsors is the best proof of success we can get.

Our  Core Values